Mold-Vac Systems

Mold-Vac is a standalone system designed to eliminate molding problems caused as a result of gas and air entrapment. Exclusive to Mold-Vac design is its blowback control that cleans vented pins after every cycle. Mold-Vac provides precise microprocessor control for both vacuum and blowback timing functions.

The Mold-Vac is a commercial vacuum venting system developed to eliminate part quality problems caused by gas & air entrapment:

  • Part burns
  • Short Burns
  • Bubbles and voids
  • Blemishes and other cosmetic defects
  • Weakend weld lines

Software | Consulting | Training:

  • Improved Part Quality

    Makes Customers Happy 🙂

  • Faster Cycle Times

    Max Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

  • Larger Processing Window

    Doesn’t Require the “Wizard” to Set it Up

  • Less "Fire Fighting"

    Means High Priority Projects Get Attention

  • More Profit

    Boss Looks Great, We All Look Great!