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Core Values

  • Honor and Glorify God in all we do.
  • Build our business through proper planning, setting priorities and keeping promises.
  • We must meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Treat all employees and vendors as we treat our customers.
  • Our success is determined by our character.
  • Maintain an environment in which no one looks up or down at anyone.
  • Encourage and respond to employee ideas.
  • Maintain a passion for learning and training within a teamwork environment.
  • All compensation is based on company profits.
  • No work, less than our best is personally meaningful, rewarding or truly profitable.

Certified & Experienced

As an Expert Certified Moldflow analysis firm, we have analyzed thousands of projects from various markets. Regardless of the complexity of your part design, we have the necessary experience to identify & solve the most challenging molding problems. Our commitment to analysis excellence has rendered CAE Services the recognized leader in Moldflow analysis services.

Don't leave your decision to chance!

Your last project. . . Did you have gating issues? Problems with cycle times or issues with part warpage? If your goal is to reduce molding costs, improve cycle times and identify potential part warpage, then consider our consulting services. Our track record is exceptional!

Have an application?

Call us at 630.761.9898 and let’s discuss how we can help you save money by “Getting it Right the 1st Time”.

Tech Center

CAE's Tech Center boasts various peripheral equipment used in injection molding, and three molding machines that range from 67 to 500 tons with the necessary auxiliary equipment.

Having the versatility and capability to allow clients to complete process training, analysis implementation, and mold sampling is a competitive advantage that is not seen in our industry.


Consulting | Software | Training:

  • Improved Part Quality

    Makes Customers Happy 🙂

  • Faster Cycle Times

    Max Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

  • Larger Processing Window

    Doesn't Require the "Wizard" to Set it Up

  • Less "Fire Fighting"

    Means High Priority Projects Get Attention

  • More Profit

    Boss Looks Great, We All Look Great!