Consulting Levels

Bronze LCC

Not concerned with cycle times or part warpage?

Affordable low-cost Moldflow simulation. Perfect for prototype tooling sources and product designers who require gate sizing, weld line locations, and clamp tonnage results within days, not weeks! Simply send part data, material info and let our LCC group do the rest! Save time & money with our affordable low-cost simulation approach to Moldflow analysis.

Bronze Plus

Are excessive mold samplings eroding your profits?

Truth be told not all part designs have stringent warpage tolerance objectives or require warpage optimization, a “Just to be Sure” analysis of the part & mold design is often sufficient. So if your part design is "Frozen" and an “Expert Certified” analyst is required to confirm gate size, drop locations, bore diameter sizing, SVG, clamp tonnage, as well as evaluating Cooling & Warpage results to minimize risk then consider our Bronze Plus Level.


Optimize your part design

Save time & money by evaluating your part design prior to sourcing to your mold builder. Our staff will recommend part design changes to optimize your processing window in order to eliminate surprises during mold sampling. Silver level results include; gate sizing, drop locations, bore diameter sizing, SVG timing sequencing, identifying weld line locations, calculate shear rate, volumetric shrinkage, clamp tonnage, and Isothermal warpage trends. Unlimited gating iterations are provided @ no additional cost. Cooling and warpage analysis is available at the Gold Level.


Require warpage optimization?

Our solution based Gold level provides a thorough evaluation of the material, part design, gating options, hot or cold runner applications, mold design for cooling uniformity, as well as determining the primary cause of warpage. Our Expert Certified staff will then recommend part or tool design changes to minimize warpage and improve the processing window. Our Gold level is an absolute “must have” if warpage is a concern.

Platinum Level

Your part design is frozen

Can’t change the material or gate location? Now what? Developed for “Part to Print” or tight tolerance applications, and for processors who want to reduce the costs & timing associated with numerous “tuning loops.” Our Platinum level is a method of biasing the mold cavity in the opposite direction (windage) to the measured warpage in order to have the part warp into its intended shape. If you have experienced “part to print” issues in the past and want to save time and money in the future, then consider our Platinum process.

Titanium Level

Specialty services

i.e. Gas Assist, Injection/Compression, Encapsulation, Co-Injection, 2/3 Shot and MuCell. Have a challenging application or require an experienced team of Expert Certified Moldflow analysts? Call us @ 630.761.9898.

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