Ask The Moldflow Experts

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What is it?

Ask the Moldflow Experts is a free question and answer webinar.  Registrants will have an opportunity to engage and speak with CAE's Modlflow Analysis Experts.  

What can you expect?

  • Free 1-hour Q&A session with our Moldflow Experts
  • Sign up here to post your questions
  • Real-time feedback and answers
  • Grow your Autodesk Moldflow software knowledge
  • Hear what others in the Moldflow Industry are saying

Upcoming Topics

July 21st - Buy Software vs Outsourcing Analysis

August 18th - GMW 16355 - What You Need to Know

September 15th - Cooling Analysis for CAPS, Closures & Medical Devices

October 13th - Overmolding & 2-Shot Analysis

November 10th - How to Identify & Solve Warpage Problems

December 15th - Evaluating Part Designs with Moldflow

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