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Understanding GM's Moldflow Requirements

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Understanding GM's Moldflow Requirements

August 17th, 2021 | 12:30 PM CDT

Becoming familiar with GM’s requirements for Moldflow analysis can be a daunting task. Join us as we help you navigate through General Motors’ Appendix E8 manufacturing standards for thermoplastic injection molded parts. As members of GM’s Moldflow Advisory Board, CAE Services is intimately familiar with the process. We have also lived it, having worked on hundreds of GM molds and attended numerous T1 tryouts (too many to count!). Specifically, here is what will be covered:

GMW16355 – Thermoplastic Injection Molding Analysis
  • Why these standards are necessary
  • Personnel required
  • 5 Phases of Moldflow
  • Reporting requirements
GMW16365 – Thermoplastic Injection Mold T1 Tryout Protocol
  • Personnel required
  • At the press – detailed procedures
  • Filling out the Moldflow Scorecard
  • How to make it work!

ATME - Take Away


If you are experiencing cycle time or warpage related problems:

Email Us Today!

Benefits of GM Moldflow Standards


Predict - Identify - Solve (Conformal Cooling)

Conformal cooling led to warpage reduction.

Consequences of Ignoring Standards



Incomplete Material Testing


Preliminary Reports - Example


GMW 16365 - The T1 Tryout

Correlation process at T1 tryout
  • Goal – produce an acceptable part for GM10067 submission

    • GM buys good parts, not processes

  • Phase 4 – optimum Moldflow process

    • If parts not acceptable, part supplier optimizes process at T1 and forwards process to Moldflow source

  • Phase 4a - updates analysis with T1 process and part mold design changes

  • Phase 5 process is run

    • Correlation of final tryout process with Moldflow

Correlation Scorecard
  • Documents the T1 tryout

  • Dimensional & appearances responses

  • 3 sets of measurements – forward and backward correlation

  • To be filled out during/after the T1 tryout

Some Advice

  • Rely on Experts

    • CAE Services has attended dozens of T1 tryouts
    • Become Expert-certified, or use our services

  • Be prepared

    • Have a pre-T1 meeting

  • Work collaboratively

    • Lean on GM
    • Working independently can sink a program
    • Particularly important at the T1 tryout

  • Be honest when things aren’t working

    • Sir Walter Scott – “Oh, what a tangled web we weave…”
    • Bad news is way better early than late
    • Have opportunity/time to fix problems
    • Feedback to Autodesk makes things better for everyone