Analysis Levels

Focus on design to reduce costs.

In-depth part feasibility can eliminate many manufacturing problems prior to Moldflow analysis. Wall stock check, draft analysis, tooling action are among the results provided.

Not concerned with cycle times or warpage?

Perfect for prototype tooling sources and product designers who require gate sizing, weld line locations, and clamp tonnage results within days, not weeks! Simply send part data, material info and let us do the rest!

Evaluate your part design and eliminate risk.

The Silver level adds Isothermal Warpage analysis to the Bronze level. Save time & money by having CAE Services evaluate your part design prior to sourcing your mold builder. Our staff will recommend part design improvements to widen your processing window and avoid surprises during mold sampling. Unlimited gating iterations are provided at no additional cost. Cooling and warpage analysis is available at the Gold Level.

Cycle time, warpage or tight tolerance concerns?

Our Gold Level adds cooling and warpage analysis. Ensuring an efficient and uniform cooling design is the goal so that cycle times are optimized, and warpage issues are identified. Part design and tooling recommendation are included at no charge. For glass filled materials or tight tolerance concerns ask about our morphing and windage capabilities.


CAE Services has been an authorized GM STI Moldflow provider since 2007. We thoroughly understand the 16355 process and the 16365 try out protocol. In addition, we offer validation and sampling support.

Specialty Services

These services include Gas Assist, Injection/Compression, Encapsulation, Co-Injection, 2/3 Shot, Structural Foam and MuCell. If you have a challenging application or require an experienced team of Expert Certified Moldflow analysts, please contact us.
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  • Improved Part Quality

  • Faster Cycle Times

  • Larger Processing Window

  • Less "Fire Fighting"

  • More Profit