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Co-Injection Analysis

Using specialized or layered part materials can lead to many issues for the finished part: unless you do a co-injection analysis first! Our co-injection simulation and analysis tests the process of injecting a skin material first, following by a different core material. Knowing the thickness of each part material is a crucial step to designing and molding the best part possible, saving time, money, and effort in the process.

CAE Co-Injection Analysis helps to determine:

  • The pattern of two co-injected materials to aid in part design and gate placement
  • The extent of penetration of the core material in relation to the skin material
  • The injection pressure and clamp force requirements for molding machine selection
  • The best transition point for switching from skin-material to core-material injection
  • Optimal inlet melt temperatures for skin and core materials
Thickness fraction of polymer B shows what percentage of the wall is occupied by the second polymer for co-injection. This plot shows the penetration about halfway through the filling process.
Thickness fraction of polymer B shown at the end of injecting the second polymer.
Thickness fraction of polymer B shown at the end of injecting the first polymer for the second time.

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