FTP Login Procedures


Contact our data manager to retrieve files from your FTP site. 
Data Manager:  data@caeservices.com
Phone: (630) 761.9898 - EXT: 25

  • Your FTP Address or link
  • Access (Username and Password)
  • File names intended for your current project
  • Part & program name(s)

Step 1

Visit: The www.caeservices.com home page and click on the FTP User Login to access our FTP login page, or click here to login to our FTP site.
FTP Login Here

Step 2

Login using your current username and password. If you are a first time user click on the Register Here link to create a new profile

Step 3

Fill in your profile information to complete this page (all fields are required) and click Save. (Skip this step if you have logged in using an existing account or have logged in as a Guest.)

Step 4

You have now been registered with an account our FTP site. To upload your file(s) to us, choose the New Job link and proceed to step 5.

Step 5

Enter the required information marked in red, and any additional information in the short note section. Then, click Upload files button to proceed.

Mold Designs

Include ONLY the following:
  • Part surfaces in mold position (required to locate cooling lines relative to part)
  • Runner design with gating, including hot manifold
  • Any high-conductivity inserts (surfaces)
  • Please send data "in-mold" position.

Step 6

Select, drag and drop the desired files or select files by pressing browse. (can place multiple files) Finally, click the Start Upload button to proceed.

File Formats

Please send part geometry ONLY in one of the following formats:
  • IGES (trimmed surfaces)
  • Parasolid (.x_t)
  • STEP (*.stp)
  • Catia (.exp)
  • Catia (.model)
  • Pro/Engineer part file (prt.1.)
  • Unigraphics (.prt)


Primary Contact
Data manager
630.761.9898 ext.25