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Moldflow Adviser Premium

Moldflow Adviser Ultimate

Moldflow Insight Standard

Moldflow Insight Premium

Moldflow Insight Ultimate

  • Analyze manufacturability of your design
  • Evaluate the presence of air traps and weld lines
  • 3D analysis for parts with varying thickness
  • Includes Moldflow Adviser Premium, plus:
  • Mold filling, packing, and cooling guidance
  • Causes of warpage
  • Fiber orientation
  • Runner balancing and cavity layout
  • In-depth simulation of plastic injection molding
  • Polymer flow, mold cooling, and part warpage prediction
  • Meshing and process parameter controls
  • Includes Moldflow Insight Standard, plus:
  • Simultaneous solving capacity
  • Advanced mold heating and cooling processes
  • Process optimization
  • Includes Moldflow Insight Premium, plus:
  • Simulation for specialized molding processes
  • Optical performance prediction

"It's not the price of the software, it's the cost to fix the problem as a result of not funding, requiring, defining or using Moldflow to identify & resolve a potential problem"

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  • Improved Part Quality

  • Faster Cycle Times

  • Larger Processing Window

  • Less "Fire Fighting"

  • More Profit