Warpage Analysis

What’s one of your nightmares as a part designer or molder? Warpage. You go through the entire design and molding process only to find out that the part is warped. Money wasted. Time spent. Conducting a warpage simulation and analysis should be a key part of your part design process. This analysis will help you optimize part design, material selection, mold design and the optimal processing parameters you need to manage and – more importantly – reduce part warpage to get the part you (or your customers) want.

CAE Warpage Analysis helps to determine:

  • The warped shape of the part as it is ejected from the mold
  • The individual effects of filling, packing, and cooling
  • The X, Y, and Z-axis displacements to show only the deflection in each direction
  • An estimate of the shrinkage to which a mold should be cut

Consulting | Software | Training:

  • Improved Part Quality

  • Faster Cycle Times

  • Larger Processing Window

  • Less "Fire Fighting"

  • More Profit