Gas Assist Analysis

Determining proper gate placement, best gas channel layout, and overall part design are key steps to ensuring your part is produced properly. All of our analyses are comprehensive and can be used to supplement the other. With our gas-assist analysis, we inject an inert gas into the molded part during the filling analysis stage (see Packing Analysis). This compressed gas packs the opening of the part and provides a mechanical strength and stability for thick molded geometry. This analysis will help with cost savings in energy, materials, and part weight.

CAE Gas-Assist Analysis helps to determine:

  • Aid in part design, gate placement, and process setup
  • Gas channel sizing for optimal filling and gas penetration
  • Best gas channel layout
  • Inadequate gas penetration
  • Proper shot size to avoid "blowout"
  • Pressures required to avoid short shots and flow hesitation
  • Final part weight to determine material savings

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  • Improved Part Quality

  • Faster Cycle Times

  • Larger Processing Window

  • Less "Fire Fighting"

  • More Profit