Injection Compression Simulation

Making sure that your part materials and design are optimized to save time, money, and effort is every engineer’s and project manager’s number one goal. Our injection compression molding analysis is an important first step to reaching that goal. This simulation combines injection and compression molding techniques. The compression phase of the simulation can be programmed to begin before, during, or after the polymer injection to test the different molding results and to evaluate materials and design as well as the overall process.

CAE Injection Compression helps to determine:

  • The flow front pattern from both material injection and compression due to mold closing
  • Molding feasibility of extremely thin-wall parts
  • Injection pressure and clamp force requirements for proper molding machine selection
  • Gate placement to minimize injection pressure and clamp force
  • The initial mold open distance prior to the compression stage
  • The time to begin compression of the mold cavities
Shown above is the extent of melt front advancement for the instant at which the process switches from injection to compression.
Shown here is the melt front advancement at the end of compression, indicating that the mold filled completely.

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  • Improved Part Quality

  • Faster Cycle Times

  • Larger Processing Window

  • Less "Fire Fighting"

  • More Profit