Moldflow Analysis Training

Autodesk Moldflow Adviser

2 Days
  • Become proficient with the entry-level Moldflow Adviser.
  • You will directly use the software to work with practice problems.

Autodesk Moldflow Insight Fundamentals

3 Days
  • Our 3-day class will quickly establish a solid foundation for filling and packing analysis.

Autodesk Moldflow Insight Advanced Flow

2 Days
  • Dive deeper into more advanced topics in filling and packing analysis.

Autodesk Moldflow Insight Advanced Cool & Warp

3 Days
  • Learn how to use cooling and warpage analyses to identify and solve part quality issues.

Autodesk Moldflow Insight Advanced Topics

2 Days
  • Solving Warpage Problems – Learn how to reduce/eliminate warpage problems using part design modifications and/or windage
  • Specialty Processes – Simulation for Gas Assist, Two-Shot Overmolding, MuCell, Compression and Injection-Compression will be covered
  • Applying Moldflow at the Press – Learn how to transfer processing information to/from simulation and apply it to/from a molding machine for better correlation of results.

Communicating Moldflow Results

1 Day
  • Learn how to interpret Moldflow results.

Meshing for Moldflow

Online Course
  • Learn how to de-feature and clean up CAD geometry
  • Learn different mesh types and strategies for meshing in Moldflow
  • Spend concentrated time meshing/preparing parts for Moldflow analysis
  • Learn basic setup for running Moldflow analysis

GM T1 Tryout Training

2 Days
  • Learn how to run and document a General Motors T1 tryout per the GMW 16365 Thermoplastic Injection Mold T1 Tryout Protocol standard. We’ll demonstrate our process at our Batavia, IL Tech Center and compare “real world“ results to Moldflow’s predicted results.

CAE Residency

1 Week
  • Participent will spend (1) week at our Chicago facility working with our team of Experts for “over the shoulder“ mentoring.
  • Expand your problem solving skill set and deepen your knowledge of Moldflow in relation to your part designs and molding concerns.


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Knowing what you don’t know is the first step in becoming an expert. Our expert analysts are also trainers who help our customers learn the ins and outs of moldflow simulation and how to apply the best techniques for the most optimal outcome. And when we say training, we don’t mean just giving you a book to learn on your own, we’re there with you to teach the concepts (basic, intermediate, and advanced), answer questions, and build your knowledge base so you become an expert too. Whether it’s teaching you how to use the Autodesk® Moldflow® simulation software packages or general moldflow topics (see below), CAE training experts are here for you.


If you are unable to attend the course dates shown, please provide potential alternative dates with your registration.


Please note that the courses listed do not include customized training, which can also be arranged.

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