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Immune to Molding Problems? - Live Demo of Moldflow Software

Ask The Moldflow Experts Webinar Topic:

Immune to Molding Problems? - Live Demo of Moldflow Software

January 25th, 2022 | 12:30 PM CST

From a financial perspective it’s easy to justify the purchase of Moldflow software as Moldflow simply offers a greater return on investment than trial & error. That’s a fact! How is this accomplished? By solving molding problems in simulation. This month we will show how easy Moldflow is to use in solving common molding problems, and why you should bring Moldflow software in-house as part of your design process.

This webinar discussed
  • How Moldflow solves molding problems to save time & money in your product development cycle
  • Justifying purchasing software
  • When and why you’ll need to outsource Moldflow analysis

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Don't Bring Me Problems...

...bring me Solutions!

  • Filling

  • Packing

  • Cooling

  • Warpage

  • Specialty Processes




Problem #1 – Filling Thin Walls/Air Traps

Types of Problems:
  • Air Traps
  • Moldability
  • Flow Balance
  • Knit Lines
  • SVG

Compression Solution

Start position thicker (1.2 mm) to fill without backfilling

Movable core compresses material to 0.2-mm membrane

Total time = 0.6 sec.

Problem #5 - Clamp Force

Types of Problems:
  • Clamp Force
  • Shrinkage Variation
  • Sink Marks

Problem #9 - Cycle Time Improvement

Types of Problems:
  • Cooling Uniformity
  • Cooling Inserts
  • Conformal Cooling
  • Circuiting

Problem #14 - Multiple Fix (Fiber Orientation)


  • Perpendicularity of L-shape
    • Actual = (0.005, 0.004, 0.005)
    • Well within 0.010” tolerance
  • Perpendicularity of boss (0.0025”)
    • Actual = (0.0011, 0.0013, 0.0012)
    • Well within 0.0025” tolerance

Buy Software, Outsource, or Both?

Buying Software

  • Institutionalizes Moldflow
  • Everyone should have some level
  • Control the results
  • Control the timeline
  • Control simulation costs
  • Want a long-term investment
  • Can play more what-if
  • What about ease of use and ROI
    • Getting up to speed is easy
    • CAE Services trains and mentors
    • ROI for software purchase is relatively fast


  • Insight product only
    • In-depth results required
  • Immediate access while considering software
  • Want to know if the software is accurate/useful
  • Don’t have the personnel/expertise
  • Even if you have software
    • On-the-job training
    • Learn complex techniques from experts
    • Overflow capacity