Analyst Qualifications


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Check out the Analyst Qualifications

A tool is only as good as it’s user. At it’s best Moldflow is a very powerful tool in the right hands. At it’s worst, it is a bunch of pretty pictures that can quickly turn a mold into a worthless boat anchor.

A good analyst should have the following characteristics:

Degreed Engineer – professionals with this type of background have a knowledge base in finite element methods, along with a background in fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and materials. They are also schooled in scientific methods, where it is critical to understand cause/effect as it applies to controlling variables

Molding Background – Knowledge in how the world of simulation relates to the production environment is critical to providing real-world processing & tooling recommendations

Certified – Engineers using simulation tools should be certified at the highest level, ensuring best practices are utilized

Experienced – Analyst should have 3-5 years of experience running the software so that they can understand its strengths and limitations.

Excellent Communicator – It’s one thing to come up with a solution, it’s another to communicate those results to others. Communication between the analyst and client should be clear and concise.