Scientific Molding Certified


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Continuing education . . . It’s about your part and the process

With so many factors involved in part design, tooling, and processing, it is critical that we provide practical recommendations. CAE Services continues to invest in our staff, providing an unmatched understanding on the differences between machine variables and simulation.

Why “At-the-Press” Training Matters

The Analyst . . .

  • Gains a better understanding of the uncertainties in the machine variables involved with real-world processing
  • Is able to recommend solutions that make sense to processing personnel
  • Is able to provide a larger processing window
  • Is able to correlate process variables to simulate variables more effectively

Training from John Bozzelli, a nationally recognized leader in plastics processing. Modern Plastics Magazine named Bozzelli as one of the 25 most “Notable Plastics Processors” in the industry.